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Services Offered at Safehaus



• On site nursing:  One hour per child per day with 24-hour availability


• Psychiatric initial and follow-up:  Psychiatrists or nurse   practitioner will see child within the specified contract time limit and make recommendations for medications.


• Full pharmacy services with 14-day medications upon discharge


• 3 to 1 patient to direct staff ratio. If acuity is high then we provide 2 to 1 ratio


• Full time on site adolescent child psychologist: Dr. Kolodchin oversees all clinical development at Safehaus.


• Daily individual therapy: each child is seen daily to meet its psychiatric needs


• Daily Group therapy:  Each child participates in two daily group therapy sessions on topics such as anger management, depression, and teen suicide coping strategies.


• Daily didactic small group sessions:  Each morning children participate in didactic exercises aimed at their particular malady.


• One on One mentor program. Each day children spend time alone with a staff member to give them additional time to express their feelings, wants, and or concerns.


• Family therapy: During the course of their stay at Safehaus children have a minimum of one family session. Many times multiple sessions are held to help develop better understanding between the child and their family.


• Academic program. During the course of the day the children are encouraged to do their schoolwork, and parents are mandated to bring work from their teachers to Safehaus.


• Transportation for those family members, who require it, is provided by Safehaus at no additional cost to the consumer.


For Clinical Information & Referrals Call  855.ADMIT.123

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