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Safehaus Employment

Safehaus is growing at a fast pace. We need highly skilled, determined and dedicated people to help us continue to grow. Filling out our application is the first step to success. Everyone is welcome to apply.

RE:  Internship Positions


Location: Grand Rapids, MI  &  Warren, MI


Students who are currently enrolled in accredited colleges and universities may apply to Safehaus for internship positions that are available.  Students must abide by the rules and regulations of their host institution as the program requirements that may be imposed by the Host College or university.  Safehaus will make every effort to accommodate the student with their program goals however Safehaus will only allow students to meet those goals which are in alignment with Safehaus’s mission and program philosophy.


All Students applying for an internship position must meet or exceed all qualifications of regular staff.  All applicangts must fill out all documentation of new hire staff and go through the required trainings.  Once all documentation and training is complete the student intern shall assume the regular duties of a youth specialist with the exception of conducting additional program requirements that their host institution shall impose, and with the written agreement of the clinical director.



For Clinical Information & Referrals Call  855.ADMIT.123

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