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Safehaus Employment

Safehaus is growing at a fast pace. We need highly skilled, determined and dedicated people to help us continue to grow. Filling out our application is the first step to success. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Position: Food Services Manager


Job Qualifications:


Have a High School Diploma or Equivalent? Possess a basic knowledge or Food Services operations.


Job Requirements:


Applicant shall possess the knowledge and abilities to effectively oversee the operations of operating all aspects of a food service unit.  Applicant will review all needs and /or concerns related to the operation of the Food Service Department with the Executive Director and/or Program Manager as needed.


Applicant shall be able to fully execute the following quotes (but not limited to):


•  Plan Nutritional meals

•  Provide weekly menus

•  Special Diet

•  Shop weekly

•  Maintain a weekly budget

•  Rotate Stock (Weekly)

•  Conduct a cooking demonstrations with residents and staff

•  Following all Health and Safety Practices of Safehaus

•  Lift 50 pounds without difficulty

•  Review Temperature Log For:

     • Water

     • Refrigerator’s

     • Freezers

•  Review Dietary Needs for Residents

For Clinical Information & Referrals Call  855.ADMIT.123

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