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Position Title:  Administrative Assistant


Location: Grand Rapids, MI




The Safe Administrative Assistant shall possess a minimum of a High School diploma, have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, and have experience working in an administrative environment.  The Administrative Assistant shall have the following duties:


1. Charting, including but is not limited to:

     a. Prepare blank resident records for admissions.

     b. Keep information in resident charts up to date and verify/ obtain any missing information from a parent/guardian.

     c. Ensure their copies of blank documents made and available in the office

2. Filing, including but is not limited to:

     a. Collapse discharged resident records and ensure all documents are filed back in to the correct resident records

     b. File away documents into resident record when they are received and/or signed.

     c. File away resident records into envelopes to be taken to record keeping facility.

3. Quality Management, including but is not limited to:

     a. Resident Monitoring, Infection Control, Safety, Medical

     b. Working with Quality Management Coordinator to ensure all QM data is captured and reported to the QMC.

     c. Document all clinical/staff meeting/quality management meeting via Word.

4. Other duties, including but is not limited to:

     a. Type up and prepare documents in Word/and or Excel for Clinical/ Administrative  staff

     b. Answer calls throughout the day and redirect to appropriate departments

     c. Maintain up to date resident log and daily census log/information

     d. Respond to record requests in a timely manner

     e. Monitor and store all contractual training requirements in a timely manner as

         directed by Program Director (such as VCE online training)

     f. Any other duties assigned by the Program Director or Clinical Director

For Clinical Information & Referrals Call  855.ADMIT.123

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